Bozsik best in Jagd um Punkte

Friday 28 June 2002

Aachen, 28 June 2002
Hungarian driver Jozsef Bozsik found the best strategy this morning and won the extra obstacle driving competition Jagd um Punkte. The 50-year old driver from Szilvasvarad drove with his team of Lippizaners and Hungarian bred a very clever route and finished with a score of 1810 points. Switzerland?s Werner Ulrich, a true obstacle driving specialist, scored the same amount of points, but was a little slower and ended on the second place. German drivers Rainer Duen, Frank Kunz, Michael Freund and Christoph Sandmann claimed places three to six respectively. The best eight drivers, amongst which also Tucker Johnson and Bozsik?s fellow countryman Jozsef Dobrovitz, will compete in the drive off this afternoon.
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