Windsor: Exell wins dressage

Thursday 10 May 2012

Australia's Boyd Exell has won the dressage in the pouring rain this afternoon at the Royal Windsor Horse Show. Exell got a score of 38,40 and stayed ahead of Dutch drivers  IJsbrand Chardon (39,81) and Theo Timmerman (43,39).

The pony teams were lucky this morning, driving their tests under dry circumstances. The horse teams were less lucky this afternoon and both Exell and Chardon had to deal with lots of water. Both drivers did perform very well despite the heavy rain fall.
The difference between Exell and Chardon is less than two penalty points which will result in an exciting marathon on Saturday.

Dutch driver Theo Timmerman came third.

Test drive

After the dressage class had finished, IJsbrand Chardon drove the new dressage test for four-in-hand which is currently being developed. Member of the Ground Jury Diana Brownlie took the spectators through the test by microphone. Based on this test drive, the new dressage test will be evaluated and adjusted where necessary.

Click here for the full dressage results.