19 augustus 2015

Aken: Felix Brasseur neemt afscheid

The FEI European Driving Championships for Four-in-Hand is the last competition for Belgian legend Felix Brasseur. After numerous national and international successes, due to financial reasons Brasseur will no longer take part at driving competitions as a driver. He bids farewell to the sport at the event where he won his second World Champion titel in 2006.

Foto: Rinaldo de Craen

"I do not have the necessary sponsors to continue the sport on this level." says Brasseur. On 1st September the contract with his main sponsor Domo ends. The 63-year-old driver got to drive the four-in-hand of warmblood horses owned by Philippe Dubaere last year, with which he earned great placings. Dubaere also finds it regrettable that Brasseur has to stop and he wants to hand over the four horses as a team to a new owner.