19 augustus 2015

Aken: Koos de Ronde voorlopig aan de leiding

Today the first half of the 36 four-in-hand drivers entered the wonderful Driving stadium in Aachen for the first part of the European Championships, the dressage. Member of the title defending Dutch team Koos de Ronde was the only Orange starter today and he took the lead with a nice test. Hungary’s Zoltán Lázár was the runner-up, followed by the Belgian drivers Felix-Marie Brasseur en Edouard Simonet.

De Ronde put down a score of 45,13 in the sunny arena and was happy with his test: “I drove a different pair of wheelers than I had planned originally. My usual wheelers were not fit before I left home, so three days before we were supposed to leave for Aachen I had to put another set of wheelers together. I choose form y marathon horse Zimba because the marathon in Aachen is very heavy and I did not want to put all my chances on the dressage. The leaders were perfect today. I am very pleased with my score, this is a very good start for the rest of the competition.
The remaining 18 drivers will start tomorrow in the dressage from 10.00 hrs.

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Foto: Rinaldo de Craen