25 december 2014

Antonio Broglia passed away

On December 3, 2014, the President of the Driving Committee of the Italian Equestrian Federation, Antonio Broglia, passed away at age 66 after a long and strenuous battle against cancer.

He was taken on his last journey by one of his beloved Italian Heavy Horses (TPR) on a simple agricultural vehicle with young drivers and riders of his Equestrian Establishment following the leader, as he always was in life, looking ahead with the courage of breaking old taboos and still very much committed to tradition and genuine land-bound positive thinking.

In his position the Federation named Francesco Saverio Ajosa, former four-in-hand pony driver and already member of the Committee. For the remaining of the term, till new elections will decide about the future, he will be assisted by Elvezia Ferrari and Corrado Cotti, with the technical support of Mariangela Beverina and Roland Morat.
Sincere condolences to Antonio’s wife Andrea Schulze Broglia, their relatives and the many friends who appreciated him.

Elvezia Ferrari