14 april 2014

Attenborough, Becker, Kwiatek and Weber candidates for FEI Driving Committee

Joanna Attenborough (GBR), Melanie Becker (NED), Bartolomiej Kwiatek (POL) and Chester Weber (USA) are the candidates to become the successor of Boyd Exell (AUS) as Driver’s representative in the FEI Driving Committee later this year.

The FEI has decided that in 2014, Athlete Representatives for each Discipline on the FEI Technical Committees will be elected directly by FEI Athletes. All drivers who fulfilled the criteria to apply for the position as FEI Athlete Representative in the FEI Driving Committee were addressed and the above-mentioned four drivers applied.

The election of Athlete Representatives will take place on 15 April 2014 and will remain open until 1 June 2014. Only FEI registered athletes aged 18 years and over who are included on their respective Ranking List (31 January 2013) will be eligible to vote for their discipline’s Athlete. The election will take place via a secured online electronic voting platform, tested and approved by the Equine Community Integrity Unit (ECIU). This electronic voting platform will be available on www.fei.org from 15 April 2014. The résumés (CVs) received for all candidates can be found on the voting platform.

Click here for a list with all candidates.