7 September 2015

20 nations at World Pair Driving Championships

20 nations and 66 drivers are lined up to the start of the 16th FEI World Driving Championships for Pairs from 9th to 13th September at Kinizsi Park, Fábiánsebestyén. Host nation Hungary is represented by 9 competitors.

Argentina with 1, Austria with 6, Belgium with 1, Czech Republic with 3, Denmark with 1, Finland with 2, France with 5, Germany with 6, Hungary with 9, Italy with 3, Netherlands with 6, Poland with 4, Portugal with 2, Romania with 5, Slovakia with 2, Slovenia with 2, Spain with 1, Sweden with 2, Switzerland with 2, USA with 3 carriages represent their nation. Four of these countries have already won more than once the World Championship.
Hungary has been nominated the following drivers: József Jr. Dobrovitz, Nándor Galambos, Károly Hódi, Norbert Kákonyi, Vilmos Lázár, Zoltán Lázár, Kristóf Osztertág, Márk Osztertág and József Jr. Simon.

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