20 February 2016

Olin’s horse died due to Lung hemorrhage

During the warm-up round of the world cup driving in Stockholm, Filur, one of the horses of Swedish driver Axel Olin collapsed after crossing the finish line. The cause of death was revealed today: the horse passed away due to the effects of a lung hemorrhage.

In the first press release from the organization, the 23 year old Swedish Warmblood Filur was first thought to have died from a torn aorta according to FEI veterinarian Alex Wallman.

The actual cause of death was finally released today. Filur died of an acute lung hemorrhage. "Through physical exertion it is possible that a vein running to the lung can tear. This horse was well trained and had a lot of experience. Such a competition should not be a problem for him. The report revealed that there was talk of a lung hemmorhage", according to Wallman. "Because the blood pressure dropped so quickly the horse lost consciousness very quickly, and we can therefore conclude that the horse absolutely didn't suffer."

Bron: Horses.nl/Tidningen Ridsport