11 October 2014

Assen: Daniël Schneiders wins finale

The World Cup test event at the NIC Assen has set the stage for a spectacular World Cup season! The six four-in-hands that came into action in the TT Hall put on an impressive show. In the end it was the German Daniël Schneiders who went home with the first place. Koos de Ronde was second and IJsbrand Chardon third.

Schneiders made it clear that he was a force to be reckoned with in the upcoming season.  In the final round, where the best three drivers returned to the ring he blazed through the course for a second time and solidified the win. His horses Costa 49, Cabus, Twister 154 and Hermes drove with precision and speed. Koos de Ronde did his best to overtake Schneiders with a double clear round, while IJsbrand Chardon received 30 penalty points for knocking an obstacle leaving him finishing in the third place. Winner Daniël Schneiders was thrilled with his win. "A superb competition. My team drove perfectly and the accomodation is also perfect. I will be happy when the FEI decideds to hold and official World Cup here next year."

Koos de Ronde had to admit that the German was unsurpassable. "But I'm extremely happy with the second place. My team drove outstanding and has shown promise for the future." Assen was the first competition for his new team. "I have always had the option of driving the paint horses from my father, but over the years I've had to change out the older horses for younger ones and as a result no longer had the same colours in front of the carriage. This past winter I decided to start from scratch, and as a result I have a young team, but judging from the results this weekend I know that they will be very competetive in the years to come."


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