11 October 2014

Assen: Daniel Schneiders has the first word

The German four-in-hand driver Daniel Schneiders was the fastest in Assens TT-Hall last night at the Noordelijk International Councours Hippique (Northern International Horse Show). Six of the worlds top team drivers took part in this World Cup Test Event, where Ijsbrand Chardon and Theo Timmerman rounded out the top three. 

Schneiders was the last to start in the first round, and even with a knockdown managed to post the fastest time.  In the second round the farrier posted a clear round with once again the fastest time which sewed up the win.

Ijsbrand Chardon, who had a new leader in his team of Lipizzaners, finished in second place.  Theo Timmerman drove a complete new team of Lipizzaners, who were formerly driven by the Hungarian driver Jozsef Dobrovitz. Koos de Ronde also debuted a new team of bay geldings, with which he finished fourth in front of Mark Weusthof and Christoph Sandmann.

The second competition in Assen will begin tonight at 7pm.  After the six drivers have completed the first round, the top three will return for the Winning Round which will determine the first winner of the NICH in Assen.