10 June 2014

Bartlomiej Kwiatek in FEI Driving Committee

Polish single driver Bartlomiej Kwiatek has received most votes in the online election and will from the Monday following the General Assembly this autumn be a member of the FEI Technical Committee Driving.

The other candidates were Joanna Attenborough, Melanie Becker and Chester Weber.

Kwiatek will be added to the FEI Driving Committee as 'Athlete Representative'. The Driving Committee will consist of six members in total.

The current FEI Driving Committee consists of:
Karoly Fugli (HUN)- President 2011-2015
Boyd Exell (AUS) – Vice President 2010- 2014
Klaus Christ (GER) – member 2013-2017
Mark Wentein (BEL) – member 2012 – 2016
Ed Young (USA) – member 2011-2015

Approximately 4% of athletes eligible to vote took part. The breakdown by discipline is as follows:
Jumping – 52 voted/2,399 eligible to vote
Dressage – 58/632
Eventing – 62/3,271
Driving – 45/461
Endurance – 169/3,337
Vaulting – 26/229
Para-Equestrian – 16/258
Reining – 3/268

Elections in Jumping, Eventing, and Para-Equestrian will proceed on to the second and final round which will take place from 16 June to 16 July 2014.