26 November 2019

FEI Rule Modifications Driving accepted

All proposed modifications to the FEI Driving Rules have been accepted during the FEI General Assembly and will come into effect on 1st January 2020. Underneath an overview of the most important modifications. Please note that no rights can be derived!

Article 910 Official Results
Results are official as soon as they have been signed by the Ground Jury and published on the official board at the Show Office

Article 927 Additional Entries for Championships and CAIOs
3.1 The host country and NFs who have submitted a Nominated Entry for a team may enter up to 3 individual additional entries.

Article 928 Dress, safety and whips
1.4. In Cones, Grooms must remain seated in their proper positions between the start line and the finish line.
4.1.The Athlete must carry a driving whip of traditional style. The lash, which may be tied to the stick, must be capable of release, and must be long enough to reach all the Horses.

Article 935 Examinations and Inspections of Horses
3.1 When the Section A is a controlled Warm-Up, the compulsory rest may be shortened to 5 minutes before the Start of B.

Article 938 Equipment
Dressage Carriages may must be fitted with forward facing lamps and rear lamps or reflectors in dressage only (penalties: see Article 957). Lamps or reflectors are not compulsory in Cones.

Article 947 Declaration of starters
This article has been taken out of the Rules. It is no longer compulsory to declare which horse starts in which phase of the competition.

Article 950 The Arena
1.1 The Driven Dressage arena must be 100m x 40m and laid out in accordance with the Annexes for all classes at Championship and CAIO events and for all classes of Four-in-Hand at CAI Events except Pony CAIOs and Championships where the size must be 80x40m.
1.2 At CAI Events a smaller arena, measuring 80m x 40m and laid out in accordance with the Annexes, may be used for all classes of Singles, and Pairs and Pony Four-in-Hand, in which case the loops of the serpentine must be reduced from five to three.

Article 960 The Course (marathon)
3.8 Turnouts may only stand, or walk or trot within the rest area.
6.2. Between the 30 meter sign of the last obstacle (or 300 m) and finish, pace must be trot or walk only. The Athlete will accumulate one penalty point for each five seconds the turnout is not at the walk or trot.

Article 972 The Course (Cones)
1.1 The Course Designer is responsible, under the supervision of the Technical Delegate, for laying out, marking and measuring the Course and building the obstacles. The Course Designer must indicate with a dotted line on the course plan how the length of the Course was measured.
1.2 The Arena should be not less than 70 m x 120 m 5000 m2 with a minimum width of 40 m or an equivalent area.

Article 991 Appeal Committee

This article has been taken out of the Rules.

For all changes for Para Driving, we refer directly to the FEI Driving & Para Driving Rules (updates marked in red).

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