26 April 2023

CAI Wettringen: lots of movement in standings

Last weekend in Wettringen, Germany, it turned out that the dressage winners certainly do not always win the competition. Only in the 2* single driving ponies, did the winner of the dressage, Stefan Averbeeck (GER), ultimately finish in first place.

In Wettringen the 2* and 3* single ponies and single horses classes were welcomed. A national competition was also held on the same grounds, so that all pony singles and the 2* single horses competed in dressage and cones on Friday. The 3* single driving horses drove the cones on Saturday and all classes then drove the marathon on Sunday. Before 6 p.m. in the evening, the campsite was almost empty again.

2* pony singles

Desiree van Lambalgen (NED) finished second in the dressage in the 2* single driving ponies class with a score of 48.41 penalty points. She was just over two points behind winner Stefan Averbeeck (GER). Dirk Wolters completed the podium. Despite no one being able to stay double clear in the cones, the top three remained unchanged. With 7.79 penalty points more, Stefan remained on top, but the difference between Desiree, the number two, to number five, was less than half a penalty point. In the marathon on Sunday, Desiree couldn’t keep up. With her tenth place in this part, she moved to fifth place in the final standings.

Desiree van Lambalgen in Wettringen
Photo: Jule Menzel

Lisa Maria Tischer

Milou Huisman (NED) won the 3* single driving ponies dressage with a score of 51.78 penalty points. Due to her double clear cones she finished second, because she was slightly slower than Elise Strauss (SWE). She entered the marathon with just over four penalty points difference, but was unable to hold on to her lead. She finished thirteenth in the marathon and therefore had to settle for fourth overall. Lisa Maria Tischer (GER) climbed from second to first place in her marathon. Karin Blaabjerg (DEN) and Emma Gustavsson (SWE) completed the podium.

Good marathon for Christian Prinz

Heinz Heitkötter (GER), the winner of the dressage of the 2* horse singles, was also unable to hold on to his leading position during the competition. He took 7.88 penaltypoints in the cones, narrowing the gap between him and his competition. However, he met his superiors in the marathon. With his fourth place, he finished second overall. Christian Prinz (GER) won the marathon and climbed from fifth place to victory. Jens Larsson (SWE) completed the podium.

Marie Schiltz wins 3* horse singles

There were also many shifts in the 3* single driving horses. Kelly Houtappels-Bruder (CAN) won the dressage with the mega score of 37.57 penalty points. She kept Marie Schiltz (LUX) at a great distance with her score of 46.45. Two balls and penalties for running out of time from Kelly and 3.55 penalties from Marie reduced the distance. Marie ran a smooth marathon without mistakes and won the last part. Due to a dropped ball from Kelly in obstacle six, she had 1.65 penalty points more than Marie. Kelly had to settle for second place. Anne Unzeitig (GER) completed the podium with her fifth place in the dressage, her victory in the cones and third place in the marathon.

“Wettringen was a very pleasant competition”, says Kelly Houtappels-Bruder afterwards. “Flip came out of the winter in top form and that was confirmed by our personal record in dressage. It is great that the hard work is rewarded with this and it is a very nice start to the season. We will work on the other two parts during the preparations for the nextcompetition: The Royal Windsor Horse Show.”

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Kelly Houtapples-Bruder in Wettringen
Photo: Jule Menzel

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