9 February 2014

Bordeaux: IJsbrand Chardon withdraws from the Final

IJsbrand Chardon has withdrawn from the FEI World Cup Driving Final in Bordeaux this afternoon. Two of his Lipizzaner horses have hypothermia (fever) and the veterinarian advised Chardon not to start. Chardon has followed his advice.

“This is just really terrible,” tells Chardon who won the first competition on Saturday evening. “I already had to change a horse because one of my horses was slightly injured, but that was not a problem for me. This afternoon we received a letter in the stables that several jumping horses had fever and we were advised to regularly take the temperature of our horses. One of my Lipizzaner horses had 40,5 fever and another Lipizzaner also had a raised temperature. The veterinarian advised me not to start and I am of course following his advise.” Theo Timmerman offered Chardon his spare horse, but Chardon is not able to use this since two of his horses have fever and one is slightly injured.