5 May 2020

Bram Chardon beats his father with 14-in-hand

A new bank holiday, a new challenge at Chardon! Bram Chardon could of course not resist to beat his father Ijsbrand, who stole the show last week by driving a 12-in-hand through the village of Schipluiden. Bram put no less than 14 horses to the carriage today and had his hands full... with reins!

Bram took up the challenge to drive the horses on the narrow road next to the ditch and managed to bring them back home safe without any problems.

Bevrijdingsdag 2020🇳🇱 Met de hulp van m’n vader, maar dit keer wel zelf de leidsels in de handen😁 🎥 Chris van Rooij

Geplaatst door Bram Chardon op Dinsdag 5 mei 2020

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