22 November 2022

CAI Bornem also open for two stars and horse pairs

From May 17th through the 21st 2023, driving association De Schelderuiters will organize the international competition in Bornem, Belgium. In addition to the 3* classes for horse singles and pairs and all pony classes, drivers can also register for a two-star competition in the aforementioned classes.

This will be the second time that an international competition is organized in Bornem. The first time was a 2* competition for all pony classes and horse singles in 2019. This year, therefore, will be organized for the first time for 3* classes and a class for horse pairs. “Belgian champion Nico Van Praet is an important member of our association and we have some emerging talents. That is why we have chosen to open the competition to horse pairs as well. We are now developing a completely new obstacle for this and the existing obstacles will receive the necessary adjustments.”

Dressage is on the program Thursday the 18th and Friday the 19th of May. The marathon will be driven on Saturday May 20th and the cones on Sunday May 21st. The winners of the second international competition in Bornem will then be announced.

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