9 July 2024

CAI Chablis: Dress rehearsal for World Championship for Singles

From 13 to 18 August, the international competition in Chablis will take place. The competition, held on the grounds of single drover Marion Vignaud (FRA), will be important for this year's World Championship for Single horses in Le Pin au Haras one month later.

In addition to the single horse class, the competition is also open for five-, six-, and seven-year-old driving horses, for horse pairs, and for 3* single, pair, and Four-in-Hand ponies. One marathon obstacle has been renewed this year. “The obstacle is designed by Jeroen Houterman, making it an interesting addition to the other marathon obstacles,” Marion Vignaud informed. Click here for images of the new obstacle

As always, a Nations Evening will be organized in Chablis, with the participating countries often going big. There is also a games night where the countries compete against each other by playing different games. A fun addition to the driving competition.

Photo: Melanie Guillamot

Team Challenge

As an addition, the organizers have come up with a new concept this year: The Team Challenge. This is a team competition for the single horse class, where drivers can form a team of up to three drivers together. It is possible for the teams to consist of several nationalities. People who start two horses in the single horse class may therefore compete with two different teams. The best dressage result, the best marathon result and the best cones result will count for the team. The prizes for this Team Challenge will be provided by Hippocaz. At the beginning of August, all single horse participants will receive a link to register their team for the Team Challenge.

Sportsmanship and fun

“As you have come to expect from us, the draw for the dressage will again be done by the drivers themselves. They take a bottle of Chablis, with the start number on the bottom. It couldn’t be any fairer. In addition, it is possible to submit a request number during the Nations Night. We hope to provide the drivers and their teams with an enjoyable and well-filled programme, next to the driving competition of course,” Marion Vignaud tells Hoefnet.

Click here for the FEI schedule and more information

This year, Melanie Guillamot is capturing the competition through photographs. These will be posted on Hoefnet.

Live results and other information will be available on Hoefnet soon.

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