5 July 2015

Chablis: nice marathon

On Friday, the local government in Chablis had cancelled all events for this weekend because of the extreme heat (40 degrees). On Friday evening, the competitors were informed during a special briefing that the marathon was on thanks to the enormous efforts and precautions taken by the OC to cool the horses.

It became a nice, but heavy marathon. All horses were checked additionally between obstacle three and four. Thanks to these precautions, all horses passed the finish line without any problems.

Benoit Vernay won the marathon in the pony singles class, ahead of Valentine Verna, who is still in the lead, and Sophie de Longcamp.
Belgium’s Marcel Stassen put down the fastest times in the pony pairs class and won, ahead of dressage winner Wolter van der Veen, who has kept his lead. Karine Poentis is in third position.
Philippe Gratpanche won the marathon in the pony fours class and has a huge lead to Denis Billet and Gilles Arriat.

After winning the dressage, Anne Violaine Brisou proved to be in extremely good form as well in the marathon, which she won. It was ladies first in this phase of the competition with runner up Jacqueline de Groot and Andrea Bieri in third place.
Frédéric Bousquet drove very strong and won the marathon in the horse pairs class, ahead of co-organizer Michael Sellier, who has kept his leading position. Filip Kindt was the third best driver on the marathon. 

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