4 June 2016

Cooperation Sébastien Mourier and Dutch horse owners stopped

French four-in-hand driver Sébastien Mourier and the Dutch owners of the Arabo Friesian team with which Mourier started this season, have recently suddenly ended their cooperation.

The France-based Dutch breeders Eric and Arjan Bouwman put their wonderful Arabo Friesian horses at Mourier’s disposal in February 2015 to put together a team to compete at high level. The Bouwman family are owners of the Arabo Friesian Stud Farm Haras de Pourcaud in Monfaucon in the Dordogne region.

Mourier recently successfully competed with the Arabo Friesian team at the Royal Windsor Horse Show, where he finished on the 12th place.
The ending of the cooperation means that Sébastien Mourier’s chances to compete at the World Championships in Breda have become very small.