21 July 2021

Despite tough conditions Dutch and German drivers booked good results in Nebanice

CAI Nebanice was for both the drivers and the organizers not the easiest competition of the year. Long and intense rainfall interchanged with sun and summer temperatures, giving a glimmer of hope that the conditions would improve; but as soon as the footing was at the point of being dry another storm would roll in and completely soak the already saturated clay ground with more than enough water.

Out of their hands

The dressage, marathon and cones all proved to be a challenge. The organization did everything they could to make the show as comfortable as possible for everyone. Tractors were constantly working to move mud, large puddles of water were pumped out by the fire department, the dressage ring was moved multiple times, gravel was delivered to make the path from the stables to the camping accessible, and containers upon containers of free straw and shavings were delivered to the showgrounds so that all the horses could be dry and comfortable. But even with all of this, the circumstances were out of their control.

Due to the conditions several drivers left the showgrounds before driving dressage, but many stayed to try to tough out the conditions. Despite their best efforts, there were few that finished all three phases of competition. The organization did their very best to let the show go on, but the welfare of the horse took priority as drivers didn’t dare to risk injury in the heavy clay ground.

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