21 February 2015

Equitana Announces Carriage Driving Program

On Saturday March 14, the world famous equestrian trade-show Equitana, based in Essen, Germany will open its doors for ten days becomming the mecca for lovers of the horse sport.  Traditionally Tuesday - this year March 17 - is the 'carriage driving day' at Equitana.

This year the event offers a varied program.  Discussion forums, clinics as well as the popular mini-marathon (sponsored this year by Volvo-Zentrum Rhein-Ruhr) will be featured.  Several successful German drivers will take part in the mini-marathon including reigning single horse silver medalist Claudia Lauterbach, her husband Dieter Lauterbach, and the reigning German Four-in-hand Champion Georg von Stein.  Rainer Duen, the many time German Champion and 2006 team golden medalist will take part and be joined by Sascha Utz and Sebastian Heß.  Two young driving talents, Katharina Weber the European reserve champion and Jovanca-Marie Kessler will also be present to challenge the more experienced drivers in Essen. The mini-marathon will be held in the form of a relay with single and four-in-hand drivers. The course will be designed by the German International course designer Wilhem Wörner.

During the discussion forums, the German team coach Karl-Heinz Geiger will be joined by the coordinator of driving for the German National Federation, Fritz Otto-Erley, and German four-in-hand champion Georg von Stein to discuss the domination of the Dutch in the four-in-hand driving and more recently in the pony divisions. Other discussions will centre around the theme 'youth at the reins'