6 May 2016

Fábiánsebestyén: Lázár brothers in the lead

Both Vilmos and Zoltán Lázár finished in first place in today’s dressage at the international driving competition in Fábiánsebestyén, Hungary. Eleven-time World Champion Vilmos was the best by the horse pairs, while his younger brother, Zoltán drove the winning test in the horse team class. 

With 38.58, Vilmos Lázár was the only driver in Fábiánsebestyén to achieve a score under 40 points. Zsolt Szilágyi finished second with 48.20 ahead of László Farkas with a score of 51.85 penalty points.
Zoltán Lázár put down the best performance in the four-in-hand class with his brother’s World Champion horses as the leaders of his team. He had a score of 40.17. Lajos Móró finished in second place. Father and son Dobrovitz came third and fourth with less than 0.2 points difference.
Tomorrow the marathon starts at 9.30 hrs with the pony categories, followed by the 2* horse pairs, horse singles, 3* horse pairs and the horse team as last.

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