24 November 2022

FEI Driving rule changes 2023 now online

The FEI General Assembly recently approved the proposals for the Driving rule changes 2023 and the rulebook is now published on the FEI website, effective 1 January 2023.

There were three proposals concerning Driving on which the GA has voted separately. All three were approved and are therefore now included in the rulebook. Two of these rules are regarding the size of the dressage arena for the Four-in-Hand Horses category. The size of dressage arena used for the Four-in-Hand Horses class may be 80×40 or 100×40 at regular competitions, on the Championships 100×40 is mandatory. The third change is about the minimum weight of carriages, which will remain the same as in the 2021 rules.

Article 950 The Arena
1. The Driven Dressage arena must be 80m x 40m for all classes, except for the Four-in-Hand Horse class, where an 80x40m or an 100x40m arena may be used.

2. For FEI Driving Championships, the Driven Dressage Arena must be 80x40m for all classes except for the Four-in-Hand Horse Class where the arena must be 100x40m.

Click here for the mark-up version of the FEI Driving Rules 2023.

Source: Hoefnet/FEI