10 September 2015

No driving competition for Riesenbeck in 2016

The organization behind the international combined driving competition in Riesenbeck Germany has announced that there will be no competition taking place in 2016. This is not a indefinite decision, but more of a pause for the organization who has been responsible for many impressive competitions and championships over the last 10 years. The coming year will be used as an opportunity to complete an extensive building and renovation project to the complex situated on the Surenburg grounds.

One of the goals of the organization is to host a championship in the near future, explains chairman of the organizing commitee Philipp Freiherr Heeremann.

Riesenbeck has underwent a number of necesary and cosmetic changes in the last year. There are currently two new large stables built by the Beerbaum family, a name naturally associated with jumping and dressage. The German youth championships for dressage and jumping will be taking place next year and will take precedence. But rest assured, driving will remain a part of the equestrian program in Riesenbeck