13 December 2013

Geneva: Boyd Exell wins first competition

Boyd Exell was the clear winner of the first competition of the FEI World Cup Driving in Geneva this afternoon. Boyd put down a clear and fast round and left Koos de Ronde behind him. Koos was a little slower than Boyd and had one ball down. IJsbrand Chardon also had one knockdown and was only a bit slower than the reigning World Cup Champion.

Theo Timmerman lost his chances to a top placing when he had to drive a circle before the water obstacle, which cost him about ten seconds. Tomas Eriksson’s time was good as well, but two knockdowns dropped him to the fifth place.
The three wild card drivers were not able to keep up with the top five. Werner Ulrich drove safe and fluent and finished sixth with one knockdown, ahead of his compatriot Jérôme Voutaz. It was the first time that the driver from the Walliser area competed at an FEI World Cup Driving event with his Freiberger horses. He started off well, but lost track after the first knockdown and left the arena with 15 penalty seconds behind his name. The French driver Thibault Coudry finished on the 8th place.

Dutch O-course designer Johan Jacobs had designed a course which was nice to watch but demanded short turns and accurate driving. As always, the spectacular water obstacle was part of the course in Geneva.

The starting order for the FEI World Cup Driving competition on Sunday is now known and today’s results promise an exciting competition. On Saturday afternoon there is an extra competition with four-in-hands and pony pairs.

Click here for the results.

Click here for the photos thanks to Marie de Ronde.