14 December 2013

Geneva: Team Chardonnens, Chardon & Timmerman the best

This afternoon, the four-in-hand drivers competed in an extra competition in Geneva, which did not count for the World Cup. Four teams were formed with two international four-in-hand drivers and a Swiss pony pair each. The team composed of IJsbrand Chardon, Sandra Chardonnens and Theo Timmerman put down the best performance.

Each team member drove the course individually, after which the times and penalty seconds were added together to decide the team result. Cheered by the enthusiastic spectators, the teams battled it out in the course, designed by Johan Jacobs. The water obstacle resulted contributed to the spectacular competition.
The team of Koos de Ronde, Thibault Coudry and Christof König finished second. The team of Boyd Exell, Werner Ulrich en Yannik Scherrer, took the third place.
Four-in-hand driver Jérôme Voutaz caused some excitement when he fell off the carriage in one of the obstacles. Luckily, he held on to the reins and his team quickly came to a stop after which he climbed back on his carriage and continued his round. The fast rounds of his teammates Tomas Eriksson and Lea Schmidlin unfortunately could not make up for his mistake and this team finished fourth.

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