12 December 2021

Geneva: Victory for Bram Chardon

Again Bram Chardon was a size too big for the competition in the World Cup competition in Geneva. In the winning round he took 5 seconds off Boyd Exell's time and took the win.

“I drive to win, but this is my first World Cup competition of this season, so I didn’t know how it would go,” said the winner afterwards. “Boyd put a lot of pressure on me, but the audience here has helped me a lot.” It was a sensational winning round between the 3 drivers, who were also the best yesterday: Bram Chardon, Boyd Exell and Jérome Voutaz.

Photo: Dirk Caremans

Good first rounds

All participants performed very well, which made the first round very exciting. Michael Brauchle (GER) took revenge for his poor performance yesterday. His team ran noticeably better, but with two minor mistakes in obstacle 4 and a ball in obstacle 11 he finished fourth.

Dries Degrieck (BEL) was fast, but dropped down 3 balls, which was too much for a top ranking. József Dobrovitz lost his chances at the end of the course. He came all the wrong way before the last gate and then didn’t drive straight to the finish. Yesterday’s top 3 (Voutaz, Exell and Chardon) was again very fast, with times below and around 170 seconds. The spectators’ favorite and wildcard driver Jérome Voutaz had a ball on obstacle 4, due to a minor communication failure, but still managed to make it into the final. Boyd Exell crossed the finish line with a flawless ride in 166.08. Despite the fact that it didn’t look that fast because he drove with a lot of control, Bram Chardon was a bit faster and clocked 164.61.

Exciting final

The winning round covered the entire course, with all 3 finalists starting with a clean slate. Jérome Voutaz again developed a lot of speed with his Freibergers. But in obstacle 4 a ball fell and when leaving the speed box his turn was a bit wide. Obstacle 11 went smoothly, but that wasn’t enough for a top time.

Boyd Exell went the extra mile. In a perfectly smooth ride he finished in 161.83. That was 3 seconds faster than the time Bram set in the first round. It seemed impossible to improve. But Bram Chardon pulled out all the stops. Again he made no mistakes and went up a gear. Especially in the last part over the bridge and around the water he went fast. He crossed the finish line in 156.67. The release was enormous, a wonderful victory!

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