22 July 2016

German intenational Course Designer Falk Böhnisch passed away (with funeral info)

German international Course Designer Falk Böhnisch has passed away on Wednesday evening 22 July at his home in Donaueschingen. Böhnisch was 72 years old.

Böhnisch was involved in the driving sport since the European four-in-hand Championships 1977 in Donaueschingen and was as Driving Responsible involved in the CHI Donaueschingen for many years. Böhnisch was very involved with the introduction of indoor driving and was part of the team when indoor driving was introduced for the first time in Stuttgart in 1993. Falk Böhnisch designed special indoor courses and obstacles and kept puttering improvements for both the drivers and the horses. The Donaueschingen-based Böhnisch was responsible for many courses at national and international driving events, both indoors and outdoors.

Afer the FEI World Cup™ Driving competitions in Stuttgart and Geneva 2012 he had to retireI because of health problems.

Our thoughts are with his wife Bettina and his family. With the passing away of Falk, the international driving sport has lost a true pioneer.

The funeral will take place on Monday, 1st August 2016 at 13.30 hrs. at the cemetary in Donaueschingen. Falks wish: no flowers, everyone should give his horses something extra this day.