24 February 2015

Gothenburg promotes Driving sport

The Scandinavium Arena in Gothenburg, Sweden, will host the yearly Gothenburg International Horse Show from Wednesday 25th February to Sunday 1st March. The four-in-hand drivers will return to this wonderful event on Saturday 28 February and Sunday 1 March where they will compete against each other in a spectacular indoor driving competition according to the successful World Cup format.

Swedish four-in-hand drivers Fredrik Persson, Axel Olin, Johan Dengg and Fredrik Rahm and the six-times World Cup Champion Boyd Exell from Australia will appear in the arena.
Johan Dengg will compete for the first time with his new team, which includes three horses formerly owned by Britain’s Georgina Hunt, who recently quit the sport.
The four Swedish competitors are part of a training group that trains seven to eight times per year with Boyd Exell. Fredrik Persson took the initiative for this group on behalf of his company and the training sessions take place in cooperation with and at the Swedish National Equestrian School in Flyinge. The Scandinavium Arena supports the group, which consists of 12 single, pair and four-in-hand drivers.

“The Scandinavium asked us to make a show at the Gothenburg Horse Show,” explains Persson. “This is a fantastic win-win situation for everybody. We get the chance to promote the driving sport in Sweden in front of a huge crowd, the Scandinavium has a great show and the images will be used to promote the European four-in-hand Championships in Gothenburg in 2017, so this is wonderful.”

The competition starts on Saturday at 15.00 hrs. and the drivers will return to the arena on Sunday morning at 10.30 hrs.
World Cup Course Designer Dan Henriksson will be responsible for the course.