23 May 2022

Driving competition in Greven-Bockholt from CAI to impulse

During the upcoming Ascension weekend, the well-known driving association St.Martin Greven-Bockholt is organizing a major driving competition which ranges from three-star international driving to impulse.

After a long competition break, the well known driving club located on the beautiful facilities of the Sahle family, once again provides the backdrop for an exciting competition this year. Competition director Michael Swiezynski and his team have developed a broad program that covers the entire spectrum of competitive sport.

On Thursday, the national classes will come into action, they will drive a new dressage test with a built-in cones course in Class A and M. The pair driving and four-in-hand ponies will drive their dressage test in class M.

At the end of the day, the veterinary examination for the international competition follows. No fewer than 41 combinations participate in the CAI *** competition for single horses. For the German participants, this competition is an observation moment for the World Single Horse Championships, which will be held in Le Pin au Haras (FR) in September this year.

On Saturday the marathon is scheduled for all classes, which is a serious challenge, especially for the international class with eight beautiful obstacles, and is a gauge for the shape and condition of the horses.

On Sunday, the competition concludes with the cones course, while the impulse drivers drive their one-day competition.

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