25 August 2014

Hoefnet exclusive: interview with Michael Freund

Former Four-in-hand World Champion Michael Freund runs a successful training facility for combined driving horses at the Christinehof in Dreieich, which is close to Frankfurt, Germany.  Freund shares the training responsibilities with his brother Fred, and now also with his son Marco, who at only 18 years old has won a silver world medal and two German Championships with his pair of ponies.  The facility features an indoor arena, 20 stalls, a horse walker, dressage rings, marathon hazards, many trails and a bed and breakfast.   

Michael Freund is the current team coach for the American driving team. Under his leadership the Americans have already celebrated much success, such as the silver team medal at the World Equestrian Games in Kentucky, where Tucker Johnson also won the individual bronze medal. His student Chester Weber topped the field this year at the prestigious four-in-hand competition in Aachen.