18 April 2015

Horst: Exell tops leaderboard after cones

Cones was on the program today for the four-in-hand horses in Horst, and it was a very challenging course. The allowed time was extremely fast and there were two waves at obstacle 9 and 17 which difficult enough in themselves, were made even more so placed in a row one  behind the other.  Only the German driver Georg von Stein was able to drive clear to win this section of the competition.

His teammate Rainer Duen was a close second with only half a time fault. Boyd Exell who after the dressage yesterday sat in the results just behind IJsbrand Chardon managed to leave all of the balls standing and with only 0,88 penalty points slipped into the lead after Chardon knocked down two balls and received 3,84 penalty points for time. Exell goes into the marathon tomorrow with a 6 point lead with Chardon in second and the German marathon specialist Chistoph Sandmann just a point behind. Tomorrow promises to be a very exciting marathon!



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