8 December 2013

Huge setback for Glenn Geerts

An enormous setback for Belgian four-in-hand driver Glenn Geerts. His all-round right wheeler horse Zenno (v. Manno) got severely injured after passing the finish line during an indoor marathon in the Netherlands last Saturday and had to be put down.

“I passed the finish line after the second round and I just looked at the clock when I noticed that Zenno bent through his left front leg. There was absolutely no inducement, he is a very strong and fit horse that is trained four times a week,” tells a very sad Glenn, who used the competition as last training for his wild cards start in the FEI World Cup Driving competition in Mechelen at the end of this month. After the veterinarian ascertained that the leg was shattered, the decision was taken to put the 9-year-old gelding down.
“I have lost a true friend. I will start in Mechelen with my reserve horse and I will try my very best to perform well to honour Zenno.”