1 July 2020

Exloo to host International competition 13 – 16 August

Now that events have received the green light to proceed, the organization of the international competition in Exloo is raring to go. From 13-16 August on the grounds of the Exloo Equestrian Centre, a two star competition for single, pair and four-in-hand horses and ponies will be organized.

“With a number of large competitions and World Championships on the horizon we see that within the drivers and national federations there is a need for another international competition. We want to step up, and are already busy with the preparations,” tells Cindy Timmer of the organization committee. “We will of course be following all of the guidelines put forth by the RIVM.”

The program: 
Tuesday 11 August: competitors arrive
Wednesday 12 August: competitors arrive
Thursday 13 August: veterinary inspection (2 lanes) and 1st part dressage (2 rings)
Friday 14 August 2nd part dressage (2 rings)
Saturday 15 August: marathon (6 obstacles)
Sunday 16 August: cones (2 rings)

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Photo: Krisztina Horváth