24 May 2014

INVITATION Riant Competition Clinic and Select Sale

From 22 to 27 July, Riant Equestrian Centre in Beekbergen proudly presents its unique new concept, the “Riant Competition Clinic and Select Sale”. You as a driver will be centrally positioned in this fully equipped programme, which offers various training for dressage, marathon and cones. Mieke van Tergouw and Claudio Fumagalli, assisted by top drivers Koos de Ronde and Boyd Exell, do these trainings and clinics.

We would like to introduce several prominent professionals such as a recognized farrier, physiotherapist and veterinarian. We have the latest training system, the Aquatrainer, on our site! You are able to make use of this unique facility; there will be professionals available for you to assist and to give you any information you may require.

Furthermore we would like to present you several lovely driving horses, which you are able to try.

You can enjoy a spectacular show, two party evenings the first of which is a Hungarian night with warm and cold dishes and the second a party barbecue. There will be live music on both evenings!
You are welcome at Riant Equestrian Centre with your horse(s)/pony (ponies) from Tuesday 22 July, where you can use the wonderful accommodation and the facilities like the dressage arena, the cones course and the marathon obstacles.

We will of course also provide lessons this week. Please contact us to make an appointment. The official programme is from Friday 25 July to Sunday 27 July.