28 September 2019

Kisbér-Ászár: Dutch lead teams after marathon

The Dutch team managed to hold onto their lead for a gold medal after performing strongly today in the marathon at the World Championships for pony driving in Kisbér-Ászár. No less than five dutch drivers are in the running for a medal as cones driving looms tomorrow.

The German course designer Josef Middendorf designed eight long obstacles for the 98 World Championship competitors. The tempo was very high and drivers took risks leading to some trouble throughout the day. The sixth obstacle, the water, gave the most problems as the concrete footing became slippery which resulted in two ponies falling. After this incident the obstacle was taken out of the competition for the four-in-hand ponies.


Tamara Pijl holds lead

There was no one who could touch Swiss driver Cédric Scherrer. Notching up two fastest times and the second fastest time no less than four obstacles. With 95,45 penalty points Scherrer held off the Austrian Bernhard Baldauf (97,49) and Erich Pürstinger (98,08) with ease.

Tamara Pijl, who won the dressage Wednesday did lose a bit of time in obstacles three and six, but her 102,72 penalty points was enough to hold onto first place in the individual classification. Her lead on the German Katja Berlage has narrowed as the two-time World Championship bronze medalist has crept up to less than a ball in cones setting tomorrow up to be an exciting day.

Pair ponies

The pair pony division was also dominated by the Swiss with Christof König winning four obstacles and making up for not reaching the finish of the World Championships in 2017. Königs score of 103,03 will play an important role for the Swiss team in their hunt for a team medal.

World Championship debutante Nathalie van der Ende finished second with her quick ponies and with just 0,48 penalty points behind the winner moves up in the provisional standings to 9th. Austrian Roman Elend finished third in the marathon.



Four-in-hand ponies

Half way through the marathon for the pony teams the competition was stopped for a half hour as an ambulance was needed for Dieter Höfs groom. The competition could not be started up again until another ambulance arrived.

Steffen Brauchle was once again dominant and in addition to the dressage also won the marathon. The German driver has increased his lead to over six points in front of Edith Chardon, who finished fifth in the marathon. Dutch driver Marijke Hammink finished fourth in the marathon and has moved up in the standings to third place.




The Netherlands holds the lead in the team classification, but Germany has inched closer by. Tomorrow the first driver will enter the arena at 9:00 to drive cones and late afternoon the new Champions will be crowned.

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