18 July 2018

Linnea Kristiansen and Øivind Mikkelsen victorious at Falsterbo Horse Show

Last weekend, the famous Falsterbo Horse Show in Sweden also hosted a driving competition for a select number of drivers. Linnea Kristiansen and Øivind Mikkelsen won this exciting class and left their opponents Anna Racking, Johan Herner, Sara Blomh and Johanna Nilsson behind them.

Øivind Mikkelsen
Photo: Karolina Swärdh

In 2014, carriage driving was introduced in Falsterbo and this year both the pony singles and the horse singles presented themselves. Under the inspiring leadership of Show Director Karolina Swärdh, the competitors performed at high level in the course designed by Olof Eklund and profesionally judged by Nicke Pålsson. After a tough and exciting competition, the winners could be announced.

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Horse Single
1. Øivind Mikkelsen Nor
2. Johan Herner Swe
3. Sara Blomh Swe

Pony single
1. Linnea Kristiansen Swe
2. Anna Racking Swe
3. Johanna Nilsson Swe

Linnea Kristiansen
Photo: Karolina Swärdh