11 July 2019

Lipica 2019: one pony not fit to compete

This morning the CAI2* and CAI3* competition at the wonderful site of the Lipica Stud Farm in Slovenia kicked off with the horse inspection. Ninety horses and ponies from 42 Competitors were presented to the Ground Jury and the veterinarians. Only one pony received the sign 'not fit to compete'.

Klemen Turk
Photo: Krisztina Horváth

Austrian pony pair driver Markus Platzer will start without his 11-year-old Greenvillage Ophara.

The dressage starts on Friday at 08.30 hrs with the National Children’s class and will finish at around 17.45 with the pony four-in-hands. The Ground Jury is chaired by Andrew Counsell (Great Britain) and is completed by Pia Skar (Denmark), Miguel Gutierrez (Spain), Hermann van den Bosch (the Netherlands) and Peter Tischer (Germany).

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