2 May 2019

Lisieux 2019: one pony not fit to compete

The international two-and three star competition at the beautiful site of the hippodrome in Lisieux, Normandy, started this morning with the horse inspection. Only one of the 115 presented ponies received the sign 'not fit to compete.'

A total number of 52 competitors from five nations will start at the pony competition in Lisieux, professionally organised by the French driving couple Maxime and Laetitia Maricourt.

French four-in-hand driver Gilles Arriat will start with his remaining four ponies after his 12-year-old gelding Zepelin was declared not fit to compete.

The competition has started this afternoon with the dressage for the Pony Pairs. The Pony Singles and Pony Teams will enter the magnificent dressage arena in the center of the hippodrome on Friday.

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