10 April 2018

MECTwelve, your team clothing specialist

The team of volunteers working at the CAIO4* and CAI3* Driving Valkenswaard International on 23-27 May of this year will be outfitted in clothing embroidered by MECTwelve, owned by Esther Groenen and Corina Gevers.

MECTwelve is specialized in upscale ready-to-wear clothing for team sports, including the driving sport. In addition to the volunteers in Valkenswaard, MECTwelve has also outfitted the entire team of World Champion Boyd Exell and the Belgian four-in-hand driver Edouard Simonet, driver of the Jelle’s Home Arabo Friesians.

“One of the strengths of MECTwelve is that we do our best to give the team a unique look by using quality materials, unique colours, and your logos can be embroidered or screen printed. We invest a lot of time into the first meetings with the client to put together their look. After that we try to deliver the finished product as quickly as possible,” according to owner Esther Groenen


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Edouard Simonet
Photo: Krisztina Horváth