28 July 2016

Nebanice: Dressage win for Theo Timmerman

The first dressage day of the CAIO4* and CAI3* competition in Nebanice (CZE) brought victory for Dutch four-in-hand driver Theo Timmerman and Hungarian pony four-in-hand driver Vilmos Jámbor jr. Timmerman was the best today out of 34 four-in-hand drivers with a nice score of 40,76. Misdee Wrigley-Miller (USA) and Mareike Harm (GER) finished second and third.

"It went better than in Aachen," says Timmerman, who is also involved in the organisation of Nebanice by his business partner Roman Petr. "They keep on growing and that was our intention. They will be ready in time for the World Championships in Breda," laughs Timmerman.

Today was a beautiful day in Nebanice with ideal weather circumstances for both the drivers and the horses.

József Dobrovitz (HUN) came fourth in his class ahead of his fellow countryman Lajos Móró and Bram Chardon on the fifth and sixth position.
The German team of Mareike Harm, Georg von Stein and Michael Brauchle are in the first position in the nations competition ahead of the team of the Netherlands and Hungary after the first day.

Tomorrow the pony pairs will start the day, followed by the horse singles and the horse pairs to drive their dressage test in front of the Ground Jury, led by Dr. Klaus Christ (GER).

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