29 July 2016

Nebanice: Warneck takes the lead

Today was dressage day for the competitors in the three-star competition for singles and pairs of horses as well as for the pony pairs in Nebanice, which was treated to a little sunshine this afternoon. Germany's Sebastian Warneck put down a very strong performance with both his pairs, finishing first and third, leaving a space for Sandro Koalick to take the second place.

The dressage in the single horse class was won by Dutch driver Jacqueline de Groot, who stayed just ahead of her only two opponents Konir and Jelinkova.
German pony pair driver Birgit Spalt finished ahead of home driver Tomás Palán in this first competition.

The differences in the scores however are very small, which will guarantee excitement in the challenging marathon with 8 obstacles, designed by Dutch level 4 Course Designer Johan Jacobs.

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