7 October 2019

Van der Wiel introduces new training harness for hackney and Dutch harness horses

The world famous harness makers Van der Wiel Harness have developed a special training harness for hackney and Dutch harness horses. The harness is handmade from chrome, tanned leather and neopreen.

The harness is extremely functional, strong and easy to maintain. With quick releases on the breast collar and saddle, hitching in and out of the carriage is a breeze, making it ideal for everyday training.

More information:
* over girth with ring
* check rein
* quick release on breast collar
* brancard attachments on saddle

For more information and prices you can visit the showroom in Achel (Belgium), email info@vanderwielharness.be or call 0032-11642310 (mon-fri 08.00 -17.00).