13 July 2017

Royal Stables in Den Haag open to the public

From July 18th until August 4th the Royal Stables in Den Haag will be opening their doors to the public. Over the next three weeks this unique stable complex is open to visitors from Tuesday to Friday.

The extraordinary buildings and carriage houses designed by H.P. Vogel give a glimpse of both the present and the past. Not only the horses of the Royal House, but also a number of special carriages are open to viewing. During the opening, various areas of the royal stables will be open including the indoor arena, the stables, and the harness room. An AA car, the service car of Queen Beatrix, as well as Queen Julianas Mercedes-Benz cabriolet will also be on display. And don’t leave before taking a look at the Glass Carriage which will once again be used on Princes Day.

Order tickets at https://tickets.paleis-noordeinde.nl.