25 July 2017

Dutch drivers named for Pony World Championships

Team coach Ad Aarts has announced his selection for the Pony World Championships upon completion of the Dutch Championships that were held this past weekend in Beesd. The Pony World Championships will take place August 15-20 in Minden, Germany.

Edith Chardon
Photo: Krisztina Horváth

The last Pony World Championships were held in Breda in 2015, where the Netherlands won the team gold medal and Bram Chardon was crowned World Champion with his four-in-hand of grey ponies. The team being sent this year has a title to defend, and will be supported by experienced drivers such as Jan de Boer, who will drive his eighth world championship this year and is no stranger to the top of the podium.


The Dutch Team:

Single Pony:
* Marissa Schuiling (Herveld)
* Tamara Pijl (Loosdrecht)
* Annegreet Zaaijer (Wadenoijen)

Pair Pony:
* Rodinde Rutjens (Weert)
* Woutera van de Kamp (Ermelo)
* Cas Hendriks (Zeeland)

Four-in-hand Pony:
* Edith Chardon (Den Hoorn)
* Marijke Hammink (Bornerbroek)

Individual participants:

Single Pony:
* Arion Vissers (Helvoirt)

Pair Pony:
* Karel van Kekem (Hoogblokland)
* Melanie van de Bunt (Lunteren)

Four-in-hand Pony:
* Jan de Boer (Terwolde)
* Jannes Kinds (Balloo)
* Joey van der Ham (Noordwijk)

The drivers will be led by:
Team coach: Ad Aarts (Liessel)
Team Vet: Schelto Jonker (Vorden)

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