18 September 2020

Bad luck for Belgian four-in-hand driver Glenn Geerts

Scary moments for the Belgian four-in-hand driver Glenn Geerts and his team. He had to make the hard decision to have his horse Dash operated for colic.

Glenn explains: “Our beautiful Dash is a sensitive horse and prone to colic. This time it was serious. Because of the pain, we had no choice than bringing him to the hospital. An operation was his only chance. Fortunately, the procedure was successful. Fingers crossed for the coming days and hoping for a quick recovery.”

Dash will not be a part of his team at the World Championships for Four-in-hand horses in Valkenswaard. “Our youngest and newest team member Goliath (aka Blondie) will have to fill big shoes at the World Championships in Valkenswaard in a few weeks,” says Glenn.

Dash as right leader in Glenn's dressage team
Photo: Krisztina Horváth

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