28 February 2014

Qualification competition Fontainebleau

The French city of Fontainebleau will host a CAI1* competition during the ‘Crazy Ride’ equestrian event on 22 and 23 March 2014. This competition offers drivers the perfect opportunity to qualify on one weekend for a CAI2* competition.

The entry fees (incl. stabling):
Single horse/pony: €300
Pair horse/pony: €450
Four-in-hand pony: €600
Four-in-hand horse: €750

The competitors can arrive on the showgrounds on Monday, March 17, so they can take advantage of the facilities and infrastructure of the Grand Parquet equestrian centre.
There are two arenas including 1 training arena 80/55m (Spring Garden) and the main arena (Carrière des Princes) which will be a training dressage arena.
A wonderful equestrian stadium at your disposal for a whole week at a time of the year where it is often complicated to train in good conditions!

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