25 June 2017

Boyd Exell wins in Riesenbeck with ‘borrowed’ team

Four-times World Champion Boyd Exell has won the FEI World Cup Driving Qualification competition in Riesenbeck this weekend with a 'borrowed' team. Boyd competed with Misdee Wrigley Miller's Combined Driving team of horses and won with a 14-point advantage to German Champion Christoph Sandmann.

Photo: Stefan Schnieder

After dressage and marathon, Boyd was in the lead with an advantage of over 11 points to Christoph Sandmann. After a double clear cones round, Boyd won the CAI3* in Riesenbeck for the second time in his career. In 2012, Boyd won his second gold World Championship medal in Riesenbeck.

Christoph Sandmann finished in second place and won the German Championships for the eighth time. The silver medal went to Georg von Stein, European Champion 2015 Michael Brauchle took home the bronze.
Chester Weber finished in third place, ahead of the best Dutch driver Theo Timmerman.

German competitors CAIO Aachen announced

After the competition, it was announced that Christoph Sandmann, Georg von Stein, Michael Brauchle, Rainer Duen and Mareike Harm will represent Germany at the prestigious CAIO Aachen. Sebastian Hess is reserve.

The definite entries for Aachen close on 3rd July.

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