4 June 2016

Saumur: Exell successful in Saumur marathon

In the challenging and heavy marathon in Saumur many drivers had knock downs in the obstacles, but there were also drivers who stayed clean and clear. Boyd Exell was one of them.

Boyd had obligations in Windsor tonight and the starting order was changed accordingly. The reigning World Champion went fast and faultless through the heavy marathon. Marathon specialist Michael Brauchle was underway to victory in his favourite part of the competition and set the best times in four obstacles in his 'all or nothing' style. This caused him trouble in the last obstacle where he had to drive two extra circles which cost him many seconds and the first place.

Boyd Exell has extended his lead in the standings to no less than 20 penalty points. Georg von Stein is in second place and is closely followed by Koos de Ronde and Michael Brauchle. The difference between de numbers two (Von Stein) and seven (Chardon) is less than a ball which means that the battle for the podium places is not over yet.

The Netherlands are in the lead of the Nations Competition, but the German team are closeby and only have five penalty points to catch up.

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