20 November 2015

Stuttgart: Birthday gift from Boyd

Tonight the 15th season of the FEI World Cup™ Driving took off in the well-filled Schleyer Halle in Stuttgart. Reigning World Cup Champion Boyd Exell put down two clear rounds and won this first competition. Boyd herewith gave his daughter Olivia a wonderful birthday gift for her 7th birthday today.

Ijsbrand Chardon put down the time to beat in the first round and Boyd was able to beat his time with two seconds, driving very fast through the course of Dr. Wolfgang Asendorf. In the second round, which took place over a shortened course, Chardon put everything at stake and set a very fast time but had two knockdowns, which took the pressure off Boyd. Boyd lost some precious seconds in the second marathon obstacle but was still fast enough to stay in the lead and he will be the last driver to enter the arena again tomorrow, when the first World Cup points will be divided.
The third place went to Jozsef Dobrovitz, ahead of wild card driver Michael Brauchle, Georg von Stein and Rainer Duen.

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Photo: Karl-Heinz Frieler